Searching for TinTin in a Sea of chocolate


Getting lost in Brussels

After breakfast, we realized that we were up way too early to check out any of the indoor activities that the city had to offer. We decided to take the quiet opportunity to explore the city outside of the major tourist area. The first mural was of TinTin climbing down a fire escape, and not far from this was the Manequin Pis. I had no idea what this was either. Picture

Legend has it, that the city was in danger of fire and the statue is putting it out. There are numerous peeing statues throughout the city but this one is the most popular. As with any popular site, the city has cashed in on it and you can buy a peeing baby at any souvenir store and chocolate shop. The statue also has over 800 costumes, that are housed in a museum when he is not wearing it. We were fortunate enough to see the manequin before and after he was dressed.

We more or less followed this path to all of the comic murals throughout the centre of the city. I know that we missed a few from the train station, next time.  We Googled where all of the murals were and the path took us on a very detailed tour of the city. It took us roughly 2 hours of walking, thankfully the munchkin was sleeping for most of it – we had a late night and early morning, his choice – but we were able to see many items on our wish list before the crowds started to creep in.

At every turn, we could see a dozen chocolate shops, waffle stands and souvenir stores. The chocolate was amazing, I have to say, but it is much like choosing wine. Unless you know what you are doing, you are at the mercy of the ladies behind the counter. We purchased a sample pack to start and next time we visit we will have a better idea of what we would like to stockpile.  The waffle stands reminded me of Beaver Tails. The waffles are not only for breakfast, but dressed up for mid-day snacks with cream, fruit, chocolate and nuts. We had strawberry, cream and chocolate sauce. It was great.  The souvenir stores were lined, wall to wall, with t-shirts, manequin pis cork screws and wine stops, shot glass, snow globes and hand bags. With all of the travel we plan on doing, we have to be mindful of the types of souvenirs we bring home. I decided only to bring home a t-shirt for munchkin and a post-card to title my scrapbook pages.

An excellent resource for planning all of Germany can we found with the Lonely Planet Belgium Guide

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