3 days in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris on arrival day


We only had 3 days in Disneyland Paris so we wanted to make the most of it. Landing day was a rough start but it could only get better

Let me see. Dumbo!

Arriving at Disneyland Paris late in the evening is never a good idea. Especially for a die-hard Disney fan.

We left the house after hubby walked in at 2 pm which meant we still had 5 hours to drive before arriving to our amazing Disney long weekend. We pulled in around 9 pm-ish. It was late, we were tired, and most of the rides were shutting down.

The first thing we did was get a crash-course in Disney layout and function; nothing like Disney World.  Disneyland Paris is divided into two parks, Disneyland Parks Рwhich is essentially the Magic Kingdom Рand Walt Disney Studios Рsame as Hollywood studios (or MGM studios, depended on when you last visited Disney World).

3 days in Disneyland Paris

We decided our first stop was going to be Disney Village – downtown Disney, for a much deserved dinner. The Rainforest Cafe was fairly empty and munchkin enjoys rainforest animals. The food was great and the service was amazing. They served munchkin his burger and fries right away, not making him wait until my steak was ready. ¬†After dinner, we looked at a few of the shops. Munchkin wanted everything and nothing at the same time, so we didn’t stay long. We figured it would be easier to buy him something when he wasn’t so sleepy and could actually make up his mind.

The Fast pass system is very different than Disney world as well. We received 8 vouchers upon check-in; one voucher per adult, per day, for a Fast pass of my choice. This means I can only use one Fast pass per day and if I don’t use it, I lose it. Since we arrived late on Friday and didn’t have time to go to the park before it closed, we lost our Fast pass for Friday. We also can not redeem our tickets between 1-4 pm, so you better decide before 1 pm which attraction you want to use it on and get it before then. This has no bearings on your return time though.
That was it. Enough wandering and spending and eating for one night.
Rest and wait for the chaos of Disney day 1.
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