Tri-border Aachen


Aachen Tri border

Tri borders are an amazing place. They are literally the border of three countries, and most have touristy-type set ups. This particular area was where Germany, Netherlands and Belgium meet. I had to Google the GPS coordinates and plug them into the GPS that way.


Of course, there was a huge fan-fair around this area and it is chock full of restaurants and gimmicks. Oh well, I don’t mind gimmicks, it lets me know that I have arrived at the right place.

We walked passed the three-country border restaurant, which had all three flags flying in their back yard; makes for a wonderful selfie. A little further down the trail were three strange looking sculpture with a signs written in Dutch and German – considering they speak French in Belgium, and I can read french, I was disappointed that I couldn’t read this sign. Turns out, these sculptures represent where the countries meet. We found a few people trying to touch all three at the same time; most were successful, but they weren’t exactly close together so the shorter members of their groups were not so fortunate. I did notice, though, that not all tourists respect personal boundaries and photo opportunities.  Hubby was sitting on a sculpture and I was trying to take a picture, and another group jumped in behind him. I guess 5 seconds is too long to wait.He went to the top of the tower to get a good look and the three countries; mostly farming in this area. There was a little park and restaurants with a gift shop here too, most the postcards were of the same three photos we had just taken, so we passed.

Munchkin was getting restless, mainly because he has been sitting since the 11 am romp in the Baths. We took him to the amusement park on the way back to the car. It was 5 euro for me, free for him, and it was a giant splash pad. Unlike in Canada where it only works for a few minutes then you have to press the button for more play time, this was constantly on. He played with some of the other kids, parents came and played with their kids.  We kind of came prepared; we had a change of clothes, diapers and swim suit, back in the car. who knew this would be here, really? So he got wet, we stripped him and he sat in the stroller in just his diaper until we went back to the car. Forgetting that his spare clothes were used when he jumped into the Baths before we could change him, he sat in his swim suit on the drive home.  It’s our first day trip, there were bound to be hick-ups, at least he wasn’t naked in the car seat.


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