Prairies de La Mer

The resort itself is called Prairie de La Mer and it is a series of mobile homes owned and managed by various companies.

Beach resort at its finest

    The resort itself is called Prairie de La Mer and it is a series of mobile homes owned and managed by various companies. We stayed with BJ Riviera holidays.

The Chalet

The home was not very large, but it wasn’t that expensive either, considering where we were. One master bedroom with a double bed and two smaller bedrooms with two twin beds in each. They will remove some if the space is need, which it was. The kitchen was extremely small, and in the same room as the dining table, couch and front porch.


     A small grocery store, bar, quick service restaurant, play ground and mini carnival were all in the same area, just a 5 minute walk from our house. Having a fully equipped kitchen helped keep the cost down as we were able to buy and store food for the whole week. Had we driven, we would have brought all of our own food and accessories, and only purchased perishables, making it even cheaper.
        There are three formal restaurants on the beach that had very good food at a reasonable price – though not something we did every night. They don’t open for dinner until 7 pm, however, which was a little late for the kids but munchkin was able to play in the sand while we waited for service and baby girl was down for the night in her stroller before we sat down.


    Laundry service was available near the grocery stores and only took 45 minutes. Our house had a drying rack on the front step so we just brought our wet clothes back to the house to dry and continued on our way. While the area was fairly trustworthy in terms of leaving your clothes outside while we were away, we choose to bring them in overnight, only leaving the stroller outside but tucked away behind the car.
  They do claim to have a gym on location but we found it was only a few weights in a single room.

Customer service

        We really did enjoy ourselves a lot, and the kids had a great time playing in the Mediterranean all evening, every evening. The front desk had a number of pamphlets for things to do in the area and were able to answer many of my questions. The staff spoke many languages so the hubby was able to communicate with them easily enough, while I decided to practice my french. My accent was a dead giveaway that I wasn’t a local and many asked if I was from Montreal – apparently that’s the only city that speaks french outside of France. It’s better than Belgium, when they thought I was British (they had no idea Canada had a second language – a few didn’t know where Canada was, but that is a different story).

For kids

There is a wonderful playground next to the grocery store/bar/restaurant/fair grounds that the kids loved playing in. During mid-day the equipment can get rather hot so we only played during early mornings or late evenings. We have seen older kids playing rough while parents were elsewhere so I don’t recommend leaving kids alone in the park for that reason alone.

Fair grounds? What? Yup, they have a fair grounds every evening. It’s nothing crazy exciting but the kids loved it and I enjoyed a few minutes of peace while I watched them go round on the carousel or the mini train ride. There is a bouncy castle and trampoline that munchkin was allowed to play on, baby girl is still too small. All of these cost a token to access, which can be purchased at a stall next to the carousel – he isn’t marked well but he is the only booth in the area so it’s a little obvious what you know about it.

The two grocery stores and the many souvenir shops sell water toys, flotation devices, beach umbrella’s and knick-knacks for the kids in case you run out of activities, forgot to bring something (I left the bucket and spade for sandcastles at home – rookie move), or something is lost or stolen.

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