Inventory your house!

What is staying? What is going?

In theory, the idea of inventory is encase the shipping container falls off of the ship. In reality, the loading company had no idea they were supposed to take it and the unloaders didn’t ask for it either. I have a copy here, and I forced the loaders to take their copy. What they do with it after they leave my house, not my problem.

Anyways, the best way is the easiest way. Go from room to room and literally write down everything you own in that room. Even mark the page with which room you are doing. The kitchen and storage will be the hardest, so do it as a pair. How many knives and forks isn’t necessarily as important as the make and model of the blender and kitchenaid mixer.

They also want to know the purchased value and replacement value. What did you pay for the blender 10 years ago and how much will it cost to replace the blender – close to same, not the best model available. For example, my home theatre system is 3 years old and no longer manufactured. It may have only cost $600 to purchase (boxing day sales), but the next available system is $1000. If mine is lost or broken, they owe me $1000 to replace it to the standard that I am used to; nothing more, nothing less. When you things are old as dirt, not antiques, this is a little tricky and google becomes both your best friend and your worst enemy.

I am paranoid about my books, mostly because they are all from 5 years spent at university. I do not want to write, 100 books, value roughly $6000. They will never believe me if the times comes. I took the arduous task of writing the names of each book, and the comments section was the author. I have no idea what I paid but Amazon has a good idea of the replacement value – considering that is all I get paid, why do they care what I paid in the first place anyways. I was disgusted by the price I paid for some of these books.  My scrapbook room was the worst; I refuse to tell anyone how much my scrapbook room costs, mainly because I am in denial, but also because I fear my husband and/or father will have choice words to say about my border-line hoarding tendencies.

My inventory was long and painful, but as long as everything is written down before the kids move them from room to room, the value part can take as long as needed. Just make sure it is accurate and there won’t be any problems.

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