Things I learned the hard way

Things I learned today;

First and foremost; don’t lock your keys in your car when the spare is unable to visit for a few hours.

That leads to my second point. Don’t leave the stroller in the car. When you lock yourself out of the car, you can’t easily walk the journey.

Cabs don’t provide car seats or booster seats. I called a few. They didn’t understand why I have a kid and not a car seat available for said kid.

When attempting to walk an hour with a two year old in a wagon, make sure they are used to following directions in the wagon. Munchkin just got it for his birthday two months ago and there has been too much snow to really play with it. His experience thus far has been two walks around the block, in which half way he wants out to pull the wagon himself. The other half is spent butt-surfing between the two seats. Today, I buckled him in, gave him a snack and a juice and walked on. He started screaming after two blocks. Half way there he gave up and whined while drinking his juice.

Lastly, daycare does not provide a shed or chain to keep the wagon safe after you have arrived.

I have learned way too much for 930 in the morning.

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